Fraudster sends fake email to taxpayers

The taxpayers are busy at filling their information to the income tax department to avail the tax exemptions.
While the taxpayers were busy fill up their details, the taxpayers received a fake email with the official logo of the Income tax department. The email said the income tax would refund their income tax payment paid by them. And the refund amount is above twenty thousand rupees. The fake emails received by the taxpayers ask for their personal details like the credit card details, PIN number and their bank account details. It is hard for a common man to identify that it is a fake email.
Abhishek Aneja is a Chartered Accountant from Delhi; he received an email from the Income tax department saying that they would offer him a refund of twenty five thousand six hundred and forty six rupees. And it asked his mobile number for verification purpose. Since Abhishek deals with the IT department, he was able to identify that the email he received was a fake one.
He said that since the fraudster asked for the mobile number for verification, he can get the bank account details and passwords from the taxpayers. One can identify that the email he received is the original one from the domain, if it is from then it is from the Income tax department.
The officials from IT department said that, if a taxpayers come across fake emails they can report it to the department by forwarding the email to . The cyber branch of the department will block it and then identify the source of the email. And taxpayers should note that the IT department does not ask for the details about the personal information on bank accounts.

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